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Privacy & Security

Get your identity hidden online, your IP Address will be masked with our server IP. Also your connection will be encrypted.

Bypass Cencorship

Bypass your school, government or your office internet cencorship. Unblock any site and enjoy Internet Freedom.

Hide Online Identity

If you connect to our VPN or SSH server, then your public ip address will be hidden behind our VPN server IP address.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Our VPS server has unlimited inbound outbound bandwidth for your bigger internet connection needs.

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Simple & Easy-to-use

WireGuard is designed to be as easy to configure and deploy as SSH. A VPN connection is established simply by exchanging very simple public keys - exactly like SSH key exchange - and everything else is handled transparently by WireGuard. It's even capable of roaming between IP addresses, just like Mosh. There's no need to manage connections, worry about condition, manage demons, or worry about what's under the hood. WireGuard presents an extremely simple yet powerful interface.

Minimal Attack Surface

WireGuard was designed with ease of implementation and simplicity in mind. It is designed to be easily implemented in very few lines of code and is easily audited for security vulnerabilities. Compared to giants such as Swan / IPsec or OpenVPN / OpenSSL, where auditing giant code bases is an overwhelming task even for large teams of security experts, WireGuard is to be comprehensively checked by individual people.

High Performance

The combination of extremely fast cryptographic primitives and the fact that WireGuard resides in the Linux kernel means that a secure network can be very fast. It is suitable for both small embedded devices such as smartphones and fully loaded backbone routers.

No DDOS No Fraud No Hacking No Spam

We provide a free wireguard account with a certain active period, you can create your own wireguard account on our site jagoanssh.com with a large selection of server locations around the world.
For most people, most of the time, OpenVPN seems to be their go-to. However, in 2021 a very interesting new protocol came out, which has the potential to dethrone OpenVPN. Named WireGuard, it's lightning fast, often beating OpenVPN at the same server load—though keep in mind that there's more than just protocols to determining VPN connection speeds.
Great for mobile users, WireGuard allows seamless switching between mobile and Wi-Fi networks for any device. Experience a secure internet connection whether you are connected to 4G or Wi-Fi.
A VPN server or SSH Tunnel is an intermediary server that encrypts your connection to the internet and also hides your public IP address. A VPN or SSH server encrypts all your traffic, not only in your browser but also in other applications, then forwards the traffic to its destination.

They are a popular privacy solution, and because of this, there is a strong incentive for VPN providers to design tools that are both easy to use and secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, WireGuard uses advanced cryptography, such as the Noise protocol framework, Curve25519, ChaCha20, Poly1305, BLAKE2, SipHash24, HKDF, and secure trusted constructs.

In addition, a simpler codebase simplifies the audit process, making it easier to address possible security vulnerabilities. Paired with a smaller attack surface, this protocol offers solid security.

While WireGuard is a secure protocol, it is not as secure as OpenVPN or IKEv2.

WireGuard supports only one main agreement scheme (Curve25519) and only one AEAD (authenticated encryption with associated data) in ChaCha20-Poly1305. If you'd like to read a more in-depth explanation, the Ignore Myth article goes further into what you can expect from WireGuard about security.

WireGuard claims to achieve faster speeds because it has a streamlined structure and runs on the Linux kernel. When comparing WireGuard to several other protocols, it's fair to compare it to something that runs on the Linux kernel as well. Such a protocol is IPSec.

IPSec is a much more complex modular cryptosystem than WireGuard. However, it is at least as fast as WireGuard and in most situations, it is much faster. IPSec has gone through ups and downs over the past 20 years so, of course, the developers working on it have the opportunity to take advantage of dedicated crypto hardware.

Currently every latest Intel CPU has crypto acceleration built in. IPSec makes use of it, but WireGuard can't, because of the algorithm on which it is based. However, if we took crypto hardware out of the equation and built IPSec using the same algorithm as WireGuard did, the speed difference would be slight.

Compared to OpenVPN, WireGuard is indeed faster.

This may sound obvious, but the thing that has the most impact is your own internet speed and that of your ISP.

If you're running through dial-up, then no VPN protocol can fix it. It will always be your obstacle.

If your ISP restricts UDP because they don't like your gaming habits, your UDP based VPN will suffer too.

The location you are connected to also makes a big difference.

The closer you are physically to the VPN server you are trying to connect to, the better your speed and latency will be. These are far more impactful things to take into account in terms of your internet speed when using a VPN.

Benefits of using SSH Tunnel and VPN Tunnel

Here are some advantages of using SSH Tunnel or VPN Tunnel.

In secret (confidentiality)

By using a public network that controls data, SSH / VPN technology uses a work system by encrypting all data that passes through it.

With the encryption technology, data confidentiality can be more controlled.

Although there are parties who can tap data that passes over the internet in addition to the SSH / VPN line itself, but not necessarily able to read the data, because the data has been scrambled.

By implementing this encryption system, no one can access and read the data network contents easily.

Integrity Data (Data Integrity)

When passing through the internet network, the data actually runs very far past various countries.

During the trip, various disturbances could occur in its contents, lost, damaged, manipulated by people who could not be moved.

In SSH / VPN technology is needed that can maintain the integrity of the data starting from the data sent until the data reaches the destination.

Source Authentication (Authentication Origin)

SSH / VPN technology has the ability to authenticate sending data sources to be received. SSH / VPN will check all incoming data and retrieve information from the data source.

Then, the address of the data source will be successfully completed, the authentication process was successful.

Thus, SSH / VPN guarantees all data sent and received from the source received. No data is falsified or sent by other parties.